Why Sex Should Be a Part of Your Regular Acne Skin Routine

If you are looking for a better complexion or would like to get rid of hormonal acne, there are some fun and natural ways to do that. One of them is sex. Now, I think back to the old days when I was in the dorm with two dozen other college students and when they complained they had too many acne spots, I told them that it is because they don’t have a balanced sex life. I was proven right by scientists years ago.

The Relationship Between Sex and Acne

According to Business Insider, regular sex prevents menstrual acne flare ups because it balances your hormones. At the same time, your increased heart rate and circulation will help your body get rid of the toxins faster. Not to mention you will burn a lot of calories. Sex is one of the most enjoyable exercises out there, but who knew that it is great for your skin?

Hormonal Acne and Sex Life

Women are driven by their hormonal cycle. If you get enough sexual activity, your hormones will be more balanced. Doe this experience; take a selfie of yourself after not having sex for a week or two, and one after having sex. You will not only see that you will have fewer acne spots, but also that your complexion has improved. Your body absolutely needs sex.

Do You Get a Better Complexion After Sex?

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You absolutely do. Your skin will become smoother, and your circulation will increase, giving your skin cells the extra power to flush out bacteria and toxins. And – of course – without inflamed acne spots, you will look younger, more balanced, and calmer.

Does Sex Prevent Acne Spots?

Sex alone doesn’t prevent acne spots, but it helps you manage them. If you have hormonal acne, you will certainly need to try and have more sex. If you don’t fee like you are in the mood, or your partner needs some encouragement, you might want to try a massage first. There are some great CBD massage oils out there that will help you relax and get in the mood to have some mind blowing sex.

Other Ways to Prevent Acne

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Of course, there are other ways to prevent acne, too. These include creating a new skin care routine for the morning and the night, and changing your makeup. It is crucial that you focus on preventing particles from entering your pores, as they can cause inflammation and acne spots.

Have you done the acne and sex experience? Share the results below.

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