So many people are wondering why they have to face skin problems. The truth is that the pollution and different diet cause most of the problems. There are big acne spots that occur time to time, but acne cysts can be even bigger and more annoying. There are some basic differences between the two of them, and in order to find the right acne treatment it is important to determine whether it is a cyst or a spot.

Can Acne Cysts be Squeezed?

It is a very bad idea to squeeze acne cysts, as this can result in severe infection, inflammation and even the long term damage of the skin. There are some people who had to go to a laser treatment after they tried to squeeze these as they “created a permanent hole” in the middle of their face. The only way it is possible to get rid of acne cysts is to leave them, no matter how annoying and painful they are.

Squeezing Acne Spots

Acne spots should only be squeezed by professionals, or if it is necessary with very clean hands. There is also a need to close the pores; this can be done with a toner product or electroshock treatment applied by the cosmetologist. Acne spots should only be squeezed if their “content” is visible through the skin. If not, there is a risk of damaging the deep cells of the face.


Treatments of Acne Cysts

There are various treatments for acne cysts from professionals. These should never be tried at home. The treatments include “popping” the cyst or laser intervention. No matter which one the patient chooses; that will not guarantee that the same cyst or others will not return. As these problems are caused by hormonal imbalance and often by the problems of the digestive system, there is a need to visit the doctor for a full blood test.

Acne Spot Treatment

The treatment of acne spots is very simple; much easier than cysts’. Several tablets and creams are designed for long term results and patients can live their lives without any skin problems. One of these complex treatment plans is offered by Acnezine; the leading specialist of white heads and black heads. In some cases, long term treatment would reduce the appearance of acne cysts as well.

Diet Advice for Acne Cysts

Acne cysts consist of stuff that is not dissolved in the body. Avoiding red meat, protein and drinking loads of green tea would help. Some people say that a few days’ treatment of tea tree oil externally would make the bumps disappear and the liquid dissolve. Saturated fat is responsible for most of the acne cyst problems, alongside with iodine which can cause allergic reactions for many.

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