What Is the Connection Between Leaky Gut and Acne

We have talked about how your diet has an impact on your skin condition and your body’s ability to deal with inflammation and bacteria, but  – for some people – leaky gut causes acne directly. If you are experiencing any symptoms of the leaky gut syndrome, such as food intolerance, skin rashes, Vitiligo, or Type 2 Diabetes, that condition might be responsible for your acne problem. Find out more below.

Reduced Immune System Functionality

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The main reason for the leaky gut syndrome is that your body’s immune system is not funcitoning as it should. It keeps on attacking the wrong things, including your own cells. This happens when you start losing pigment due to vitiligo. Your body thinks that your menalin is the enemy, and fights hard to destroy it. As a consequence, it will have no energy and resources left to fight the real thing, including the bacteria that causes acne.

Inaccurate Digestion

If you have a leaky gut, your body might not be able to digest some of the nutrients you consume, or destroy a part of it before it would enter your digestive system. That is why you will need to get a regular blood test if you are suffering from any food intolerance or digestive issues. Your body needs minerals, such as Magnezium and Zinc to fight acne, and if it is not getting it, you will have limited chance of dealing with your skin condition.

The Need to Repalce Minerals and Vitamins

Once you have had your blood test back, and you are able to identify the minerals and vitamins your body is missing, you will need to look for the right supplements to help you maintain a healthy digestive system and make sure that your immune system is getting all the support it needs to flush out the bacteria and get rid of the inflammation.

The Main Sources of Leaky Gut Healing

If you would like to treat your acne from the inside out, you might want to try Acnezine that is a combination of supplements and creams. Alternatively, you can simply change your diet and drink more herbal tea, increase your intake of tyramine and arginine. The best sources of these gut healing minerals are peanuts, brazil nuts, and wheat germ. In case you suffer from allergies, and get hives and rashes, as well as respiratory problemns, you will need to focus on fermented fruit and vegetables, and good quality wine.

How to Treat Leaky Gut Caused Acne

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It is important that you don’t only focus on the surface, but the needs of your body, as well. If you want to heal your skin and get rid of acne, you should start with healing your gut. Your skin is the physical defense system of your body, so its integrity is important for your overall health. The health of your gut flora also has a direct impact on your skin. Start introducing probiotics slowly and gradually, so you can cure your acne from inside out.

To make the most out of your skin’s natural defense system, you will need to look at your gut health first. Inflammation in your body can cause flare ups and severe acne.


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