What Black Soap Does To Your Skin

If you have tried almost everything and would like to find an effective and safe way of clearing your acne, you might have come across black soap. Originally from Africa, and available from various retailers, it is a natural mineral-rich product that will dry your skin and penetrate the pores. Before you get excited, you will need to do your research, though. Below you will find a few facts about what black soap does to your skin to help you decide whether this is the perfect solution for your acne.

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Original African Black Soap has antibacterial qualities, so you can survive without an antibiotic treatment. As the soap is delivered to your skin, you will not have to suffer from the side effects of the pills, and still get the right results. You will be able to deep cleanse your skin surface, getting rid of oil, bacteria, and residues that cause the pores to get blocked.


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If you suffer from oily skin, chances are that you will benefit from trying black soap. It doesn’t make your skin oily, and some people reported that it actually dries it out. Therefore, if you have normal skin, you might need to use your regular moisturizer after you use the soap. However, the good news is that black soap is fragrance free, so it is not likely to cause irritation at all.


As Black Soap contains natural A and E vitamins, it has anti-inflammatory qualities. Your skin will be more capable of attacking free radicals and restore the healthy skin surface due to the increased level of antioxidants. As this natural remedy has antimicrobal qualities as well, your body will be able to fight acne and repair damaged cells.

Photoaging Prevention

Women over 40 often suffer from photoaging, and sun spots can be hard to cover up. You can prevent the signs of photoaging  if you use this soap regularly, at least twice a week.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation

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As injuries happen during our lives, damage causes hyperpigmentation. If you spot any sign of this, you might want to try black soap for a few weeks to see if it makes any changes in your skin’s appearance.

Fine Lines

The oil in black soap from coconut and shea butter will deliver the important antioxidants and reduce collagen loss on your face. This, in turn, will result in the reduction of fine lines on your face and neck area.

The Verdict: Is Black Soap the Solution for Your Acne Problem?

If you have oily and sensitive skin, and are looking for a natural source of healthy oils, antioxidants, and antibacterial treatment, you might want to try black soap. Don’t expect any drastic changes in the first few weeks, though. You must use the product regularly, at least twice a day to get the full benefits. Always check the reputation of the seller before you buy the soap, though, and make sure that it doesn’t contain anything other than the original African recipe.


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