The Main Cause of Acne During Menopause

For most people, acne is associated with hormonal imbalance and the teenage years. However, many people suffer from this condition during menopause, as well. This can be a stressful time with loads of mood swings and hormonal changes in your body; the last thing you need is having to deal with acne and find the right treatment option. Apart from anti aging creams, you will also have to look out for an acne treatment solution that will help you look and feel better in your skin.

A Quarter of Women Suffer from Acne During Menopause

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While acne is more common during the teenage years and before the age of 30, around 25 percent of women suffer from it during the menopause. That said, it is clear that the metabolism and the skin’s natural cleansing mechanisms slow down at this time, and IBS is more common after 40, so it makes sense that acne becomes a problem again. Women will experience increased inflammation and the skin will be less capable of flushing out bacteria. It will need advanced help.

Hormonal Acne and Treatments

Some people say that menopausal acne is a form of hormonal skin conditions, and this is often true. The hormonal imbalance itself can cause acne, but that is not the only issue you will have to tackle. It might be time to step up your skin care routine when it comes to geting rid of bacteria and cleanshing your pores every day, not to mention steaming your face regularly to regain its flexibility.

Reducing Inflammation

The main aim of acne treatment plans should be to reduce inflammation and help you make the most out of your natural beauty during menopause. If you are concerned about the appearance of fine lines, chances are that you will use more makeup than before. This can clog your pores, and you will find it hard to get rid of all the residue every morning and night. You should drink more water and get a regular face massage to help your skin cells flush out the bacteria and deal with inflammation the natural way.

An Alternative to Contraceptives to Treat Acne

While your doctor might prescribe contraceptive and hormone replacement pills to help you treat acne, but there are loads of side effects to consider. There are plenty of quality all-in-one acne treatment solutions available that will not only deal with the hormonal imbalance, but also improve your complexion. You can also use tea tree oil and alpha hydroxy acid.

Natural Ways To Treat Acne During Menopause

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If you are going through menopause, chances are that you will need to improve your lifestyle and your beauty routine. Make sure you drink at least six glasses of water, and reduce your intake of milk and gluten. You can go to the sauna regularly and steam your face home, so you can deal with the signs of aging and the acne problem at the same time.

Dealing with menopause is stressful enough. If you happen to have acne at the same time, it can make your life harder. Change your beauty routine and find the natural acne solutions that will work for you.

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