Suffering From Dry and Dull Skin? You Should Try Cubid CBD Re:Fresh Face Cream!

For years I’ve been plagued by skin that often looks somewhat dull and dry. A quick google search revealed that I’m not alone, over 65% of women report a dryer complexion often caused by a fluctuation in the seasons. As Autumn draws in, this is a prime time for a flare up in dry and dull skin as the change in temperature irritates the sensitive skin on our faces. Combating this with thick and heavy creams can often lead to further sensitivity and often blocks pores. It can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t, so hopefully this review will help you in the same way this product helped me and let you in on a little more about the CBD face cream benefits.

Pure CBD Face Cream Reviews

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CBD infused products seem to be everywhere nowadays, with everything from gummies to face creams available now. So, I thought it was time to take the plunge and see what all the fuss was about! My quest for a CBD infused Face moisturiser led me to Cubid’s CBD Re:fresh face cream.

Repair: CBD Face Cream Benefits

The Re:Fresh Cream promises to repair your dry skin both as you sleep, and also in the daytime. All I can say is, boy does it deliver on this promise! My complexion felt noticeably plumper and suppler to the touch in the morning, and this feeling continued throughout the day. For those who wear makeup as I do, it sat really nicely on top of the product, without balling up as is so often the case with heavier moisturisers. After a month of use, I was finding friends and family remarking on just how good my skin looked, and I must say I noticed I looked considerably ‘glowier’.

Refresh: CBD Face Cream Benefits

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In terms of the refreshing properties of the product, it felt light on the skin. For super moisturising topicals I have often found they feel heavy on, and often sit on the face and can feel uncomfortable. Or, even worse they start to look greasy and oily. I was worried that would be the case with this cream as it contains oils, but to my delight found the opposite! It quickly absorbed into my skin and looked absolutely gorgeous as the day wore on.


The nourishing cream contains not only CBD but is also enriched with moisturising oils that are designed to deeply replenish the face for a healthy and natural glow. In particular, it features sunflower oil, coconut AND jojoba oil too! It’s no wonder my skin looked so dewy and fresh given that these particular oils are renowned for their deeply moisturising properties.

Who Is It For?

For anyone who suffers from persistent dry and dull skin as I did, this wonder cream is perfect for you. It would certainly suit both younger and more mature skin equally, and is also suitable for those who want to wear makeup over the top of it. To optimise the CBD face cream benefits, use both morning and night.

How Can I Buy?

So, if you’re fed up of being plagued by a dry complexion and have found it hard to find any kind of remedy for it, look no further than this!  Incorporate CBD into your skincare routine today, I promise you it will change your life. I can’t believe the extent to which my skin quality has improved since reaping the CBD face cream benefits and I feel so much more comfortable and confident in it.

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