Starting from the Top: How to Clear Acne Spots on Your Forehead

Getting acne on our forehead can be a sure-fire way to make us consider cutting a fringe. However, there are many better ways to clear acne spots on your forehead without getting a haircut you regret. In fact, there will no doubt be a forehead acne treatment that suits you simply from natural products you can find at home. We understand how uncomfortable acne can be and how important it is to get rid of forehead spots so that you can get your confidence back.

What Causes Forehead Spots?

Before we can start looking at how to clear forehead acne, it is helpful to understand what causes forehead spots in the first place. The close proximity of our foreheads to our hairline can mean irritation for several reasons. One of which may be the type of hair products you’re using so if you change hair products and notice that you are breaking out more, it may be worth altering what you are using. Another factor could be the hair that falls on our face. The grease and dirt that can build up on our hair is then transferred onto our skin and can cause breakouts (especially if you have a fringe or hair framing the face). Make sure to always wash your face to avoid a build of grease on your face.

Clear Forehead Acne: Natural Remedies

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When we start seeing them popping up, it is understandable that we want to get rid of our forehead spots as quickly as possible. Fortunately, a lot of natural remedies that can be used as forehead acne treatment are likely to be found in your kitchen cupboard! Lemon or lime juice is particularly useful for clearing blemishes as the vitamin-C is great for killing bacteria and preventing inflammation. To get rid of forehead spots with lemon juice, simply add a couple of tsps. to a cotton ball and place on the problem area for 20-30 minutes. Apple cider vinegar is helpful for similar reasons but must be diluted with water before adding to the forehead spots for treatment in this way.

Get Rid of Forehead Spots: Alternative Treatments

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If your quest to clear forehead acne isn’t improved by natural remedies or prevention, it may be time to look for alternative treatment methods. The first place to start could be your local doctor. They are able to prescribe medications that could help clear the acne spots on your forehead. Even if they don’t think a prescription is the best path for you, they may be able to recommend other treatments or refer you to a dermatologist.

Trying to get rid of forehead spots can be a struggle but it is by no means impossible. There are many ways to tackle this problem and you will find the forehead acne treatment that is right for you.

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