Skincare for the Over 40s

Naturally, as we get older our skin changes. Over time skin loses its elasticity and begins to show signs of sagging and wrinkles. As well as this, our skin produces less natural oil that can be helpful in smoothing out fine lines. It is important to understand that as your skin is changing, your skincare routine needs to be changing alongside it in order to promote the qualities that your skin is starting to produce more slowly. Everyone’s skin is different but it is only natural to want to retain some of our youthful glow as we age. As we reach our 40s, signs of our skin aging can become more prominent. So, what are the reasons behind the changes in our skin and what are some of the ways we can ensure healthy skin into our 40s and beyond?

What causes the changes in our skin in our 40s?

As previously explored, the loss of elasticity in the skin is the primary cause of changes to our skin as we age. This is due to the loss of natural collagen and also due to the pull of gravity which in turn causes our skin to sag and to wrinkle because it loses the ability to bounce back. As well as this, the outermost layers of the skin (the epidermis) loses fatty substances known as lipids which keep the skin moisturised meaning our skin becomes drier and causes our skin to become thinner.

Exposure to the sun throughout our life also results in the deterioration of our skin. Sunlight can contribute to the loss of elasticity, pigment changes like liver spots, and the thickening of the skin. As our faces are frequently exposed to UV rays from the sun, it highlights the importance of using creams and facial products with UV protection within them.

Another problem that can arise after our 40s is acne as around 25 percent of women suffer from acne during menopause. This is caused by changes in our hormones as we age, especially during menopause. As well as this, our skin’s natural cleaning ability is slowing down and so we have to ensure we are taking good care of removing bacteria from our skin.

Skincare Solutions for the Over 40s


Firstly it’s important to cleanse your skin of any excess oil and bacteria that has accumulated over night without removing the natural oils that will be good for your skin. This means you need a gentle cleanser in the morning, for example a cream or milk based formula. This will allow the cleaning of the skin without drying it out. After this, apply a moisturiser with UV protection built in to protect your skin from sunlight. To promote the elasticity of the skin, try and use a collagen boosting product once or twice a day.


Night cream is great for boosting much-needed moisture in the skin. This product is not one to be missed as it has many key solutions for aging skin. As well as adding moisture, it renews cells and nourishes the skin, boosts collagen, prevents sagging, and reduces wrinkles. You can also find night masks for an extra boost to these benefits.

As well as these daily practises, it is highly recommended to gently exfoliate the skin once or twice a week to diminish fine lines and to allow the products used daily to properly do their job.

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