Red Meat and How It Can Affect Your Skin

Increasingly we are being told that we should reduce the red meat in our diet. This is connected to many issues from cardiovascular health to its poor effect on the environment. Of course red meat is necessary and even good in some cases due to its high levels of protein and vitamins. However, often we have too much red meat in our diets which can lead to negative impacts for our health. One example of this is skincare. So, does red meat worsen acne or is this a myth?

The Science

The possibility of whether red meat creates a negative skin reaction comes from the notion that cows that are fed grains have a higher intake of Omega-6. This imbalance can create an inflammation of the skin. As well as this, cows can also be injected with hormones in order to encourage their growth and health. Unfortunately for the carnivores among us, the hormones will then be present in the meat. As many of you will know, acne is often caused by a hormone imbalance and therefore suggests that red meat would negatively impact your skin.

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Due to the suggestion that hormone and Omega-6 imbalance can lead to the worsening of acne, a solution to this would be, for one, cutting down on red meat or cutting it out completely. If this seems to be an impossible task, trying to buy meat that is grass-fed and organic would be a healthier choice for your skin and body. Meat is an acid-forming food and too much acid causes inflammation. As an anti-inflammatory diet is recommended to improve acne, this means that the first choice or cutting down on or cutting out red meat is the better solution.

There is also the suggestion that diet and acne are unrelated. This means that it comes down to what you believe about your body. Try cutting out red meat and see if you see or feel an improvement. Changing to grass-fed and organic meat can also be the healthy choice for your skin and body.

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