Getting Your Skin Ready For Winter

As the winter days begin to roll in, it’s so important to look after our skin. With the weather changing and cold weather seemingly here to stay, we need to pay extra attention to what our skin is asking for. Here are some little tips that can go a long way to protecting your skin from the harsh months ahead.


Although we always emphasise the importance of moisturising, the winter months are a time that can be extra drying for your skin. Cold weather and the increased use of central heating can suck the moisture from your skin. It’s therefore important not to forget to use your moisturiser morning and night to fight tight and flaky skin. As well as this, make sure you’re staying hydrated. It can be even more tempting to reach for a hot cup of coffee in the sleepy days of winter but try a warming cup of green tea. This has the boost of caffeine but with the added bonus of antioxidants to keep you hydrated all winter long.


Just because the days are getting shorter and it seems gloomy outside, this does not mean that you don’t need to have SPF in your daily skincare routine. The UV levels are still present and can add to the ageing of your skin. As long as you continue to use your day cream (that should have SPF built right in) this is not too high on your list of winter worries.

Shower Time and Temperature 

While it’s more than tempting to stand in a hot shower for hours on end during the gloomy and cold winter months, high temperatures can add to the drying of your skin. Keep the showers to a warm temperature and don’t stand there too long (although we know how hard it is not to!). 

Wrap Up Warm

It’s important to protect your skin against the harsh conditions of winter such as cold rain, winds, and snow. Make sure to cover up with gloves, hats and scarves. As well as keeping you warm, your skin will be grateful!

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