Facial Skin Care Tips for Dry, Congested, Acne-prone, Aging Skin

If you have been suffering from acne breakouts and your skin is no longer elastic, you might be thinking what you can do to improve the appearance and health of your cells. From diet changes to simple exercises and creams, there are plenty of options ahead. If you want to find the one that works for you, read on.

Steaming and Sauna

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One of the best and most enjoyable anti aging methods is steaming your face. While you shouldn’t overdo it, it can expand and close the pores of your skin, and help your cells regain some flexibility. Just like your muscles, your skin needs a bit of exercise every now and then, too. Sauna is also great, if you are suffering from body acne or stretch marks.

Drinking More Water

Sometimes skin congestion is caused because of dryness. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin cannot flush out the toxins and you will suffer from inflammation, acne breakouts, and dirty pores. It is important that you drink water throughout the day, but avoid sugary drinks. Opt for fruit infused water instead of a juice or a fizzy drink.

Cream and Tablet Combination

There are some treatment options that are great for both acne and aging. Combining the mineral and vitamin treatment with the cream will help you get better results faster. You should check out some of the latest combination acne treatment products available on the market and make sure that you tackle the internal and external causes at the same time.

Face Yoga

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If you want to avoid fine lines and wrinkles while helping your body get rid of the toxins and flush them out through the pores, you can try face yoga. It is a fun way of exercise, and it can release collagen and stimulate its production in your skin. If you have body acne, you might want to do some gentle yoga stretches in the morning and at night, followed by a shower alternating cold and warm water to increase the circulation in your body.

Essential Oils

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There are also some great essential oils that can get rid of scars, aging spots, acne, and congestion in the skin. You can try argan oil, but make sure that you don’t weigh the body down. Grape seed oil has antibacterial qualities, as well as lavender that doesn’t only calm the mind, but also the skin. Rosemary oil is another great choice for people looking to increase collagen production, flexibility, and detoxify their skin.


Before you give up the fight against dry, acne-prone or aging skin, try the above methods to increase the collagen in your skin, flush out toxins and pollution, and regain the flexibility you once had.


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