Blemish Areas and Their Meaning

It’s natural to notice that sometimes a specific part of our face is more often affected by blemishes than others. You may be happy (or at least intrigued) to know that often there is a reason behind why this happens. The more we can understand about why certain areas are affected more than others, the better we can work towards helping solve the issue. So, here’s a quick insight into mapping your face.


The chin is a problem area for many of us, especially women. This is because of hormonal changes that lead to breakouts on the chin. You may notice that it becomes particularly noticeable around your period or differing points in your cycle when your hormones are especially out of whack. Salicylic acid can help to unclog pores during this time but due to the inability to control hormones (most of the time) it is always possible that they will reappear in your next cycle.


Cheeks can be badly affected by your daily life. If you think about what presses against your cheeks during an average day, like your phone or your pillow, and the amount of bacteria these things can often hold, it is no wonder that our cheeks can breakout. The obvious solution to this would be to make sure your change your pillowcase regularly and disinfect your phone on a daily basis with an antibacterial wipe. Cheeks are also an area that can be affected by your diet, like meat, sugar, and dairy, and so it may be worth identifying foods that may be causing irritation and cutting down on how often you consume them.


The close proximity of our foreheads to our hairline can mean irritation due to several factors. One of which may be the type of hair products you’re using so if you change hair products and notice that you are breaking out more, it may be worth altering what you are using. Another factor could be the hair that falls on our face. The grease and dirt that can build up on our hair is then transferred onto our skin and can cause breakouts (especially if you have a fringe or hair framing the face). Make sure to always wash your face to avoid a build of grease of your face!

It can seem frustrating when a particular area of our face is always the one to breakout but if you can identify the reasons why you may be able to find a solution to the issue. At the very least you’ll understand why its happening.

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