This multitasking 3-piece firming and smoothing set guarantees you both a brighter and a more youthful complexion, perfect for those with mature skin. The collection has three travel sized products from their signature range. The smaller size means this is the perfect choice for those wanting to dabble in new skincare without splurging on full-sized bottles before they know that it works.

Beauty Lab For Anti- Aging: The Products

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The discovery set covers all bases with a Silk Cleanser, a Neuropeptide Serum and then a Moisture Cream to finish. This triple combination ensures that the anti-aging effects of the Discovery Set continue working long after the product has been applied. Also, as all the most important aspects of your skincare regime are covered by the kit, you won’t need to use anything else! The portable travel size is perfect for the summer season, especially if you’re going away it ensures there’s no need for you to decant your products or purchase smaller sizes for your holiday.

Beauty Lab Review

As someone who suffers from dry and dull skin, and of course wanting to slow the aging process down by any means necessary, I was keen to try the Discovery Set for myself. Boasting an impressive formulation of ingredients, I had high hopes and it certainly did not disappoint! The cleanser felt refreshing and left my skin feeling clean, but not too tight or stripped of moisture. The serum also absorbed nicely, without leaving a sticky residue behind on the skin as is so often the case with ones that don’t have as sophisticated a formulation. Finally, the moisturiser gave just the right dose of hydration without feeling greasy or oily, particularly for use on hot summer morning and nights I felt this was really important and meant that using the kit was great. When used overnight, I woke up to the most dewy and supple looking skin. Lines around the eyes appeared smoothed and my skin looked much plumper than before. The compliments I have been receiving ever since are testament to the restorative powers of this set!

The All-Important Ingredients

The products feature a sophisticated blend of some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients. The dual blend of both anti-aging peptides and also plant derived extracts mean your skin looks almost instantaneously more youthful and also revitalised. Endless studies have shown that the topical application of neuro-peptides is phenomenal at smoothing fine-lines and wrinkles. And the fun doesn’t stop there, peptides have also been widely shown to preserve and also boost your skins collagen production, meaning greater elasticity and the appearance of younger skin. Collagen is one of the things that massively depletes in the body when the aging process is happening, so any way of boosting it is great!

Best Creams For Anti-Aging: Who Is It For?

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The Anti-aging nature of the product means that it is most suitable for those with a more mature skin type, looking to either prevent or delay the detrimental effects of aging upon your skin. Due to the highly moisturising properties of the set, it is also perfect for those suffering with bothersome dull or dry skin. As it delivers much needed moisture without being too heavy or clogging the pores it is perfect for both young and older skin. It also doesn’t hurt to start an anti-aging regimen as young as your twenties, something which also means the set is perfect for all ages.

Don’t Miss Out!

If this sounds like what you’ve been searching for, and you are keen to start your anti-aging journey with some of the best creams for anti-aging, then look no further than this trio of dreams! I thoroughly recommend the product to anyone looking to inject some much need moisture back into their skin, and give it a new lease of life!

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