Acne Shouldn’t Last Forever: How to Clear Acne Scars

Figuring out how to clear acne scars can be vital to us getting on with our lives after a particularly bad bout. Having acne can really affect the way we see ourselves. This is why finding the right acne scars treatment is necessary to make bad skin a thing of the past. You may think that the spots have disappeared, problem solved, right? Well, acne has the unfortunate habit of sticking around in the form of scars. This can be especially true if you haven’t treated your skin properly during the active phases of acne.

How to Clear Acne Scars: Prevention

It may already be too late but it is important to know that one of the best ways to reduce acne scars is treating your skin with care throughout your acne phase. This means not squeezing or aggravating spots, no matter how tempting it is. Avoiding make up or using specifically designed products is also an important tip when thinking about how to reduce scars ahead of time. Make sure to always cleanse your skin. This is an important part of acne scars treatments but also your general skin care routine.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars: Lemon Juice

If you’re looking for a natural way to reduce acne scars, lemon juice may just be the acne scars treatment for you! But, how do we get rid of acne scars with lemon juice? Fresh lemon juice contains vitamin C and L-ascorbic acid. This helps to dry out the pimple inflammation and reduce excess oil. It can also kill bacteria and rebuild skin collagen. To use fresh lemon juice as your acne scars treatment, simply put a few tsps. onto a cotton ball and apply to the problem area for 20-30 minutes.

How to Clear Acne Scars: Baking Soda

For another way to reduce acne scars with ingredients that can be found in your kitchen, baking soda is your new best friend. It has natural bleaching and anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the appearance of your acne scars. It also has excellent exfoliating properties that can remove dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil that trapped in the pores. To use, just add a few tsps. of baking soda to two tsps. of water. This will create a thick paste that can be massaged onto your acne scars for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water and repeat 2-3 times a week.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars: Clinical Treatments

get rid of acne scars

If you’re willing to venture further than the kitchen cupboards to reduce acne scars, there are plenty of clinical acne scars treatments that could help. This can be as simple as visiting your local doctor and seeing if there is something they can prescribe to help ease the acne scars. Alternatively, facial peels are another, slightly more expensive, option. There are even at-home peels that may be able to help. Micro-needling is a new treatment that involves making micro-wounds in the skin. This forces it to produce new healthy collagen and elastin which reforms the skin. This may be a way to get rid of acne scars that you’d never even heard of before!

We know that finding out how to clear acne scars is important to you feeling your absolute best. These acne scars treatments are a great starting point to getting your skin back on track and leave you glowing.

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