Acne Myth Buster: Does the Sun Help Acne?

Going through a period of skincare problems can be hard enough without constantly being told the different ways we can fix it. It’s especially difficult to be bombarded with ‘magic cures’ if the evidence is misguided or false. Today, we will be looking into the effect of the sun on acne and acne scars.


The basis of this myth may come from the idea that spending time in the sun can appear to make acne seem less pronounced and heal the discolouration of the skin left behind by acne scars. As well as this, the sun can help dry out excess oil on the skin which, in turn, could be understood to help acne. Sunlight is necessary for keeping us happy and healthy with the help of vitamin D but this does not necessarily mean that it is a cure-all.

Myth Busting

Although it is easy to understand the misguided thinking behind sun helping acne, it is also easy to debunk a lot of the reasoning. The hiding of the discolouration of the skin is due to the tanning, or reddening, of the face in the sun which makes it seem as though acne scars have faded. However, when the effects of this exposure to the sun subside, skin can be left more damaged and acne can return or worsen. In terms of drying out excess oil, what the sun is doing is actually dehydrating your skin. This will then lead to the production of more oil in response and therefore causing you more issues. The bottom line is that the sun isn’t great for your skin. As we know, sun exposure seriously increases your risk of skin cancer and gambling on a tan in order to reduce acne visibility is not one worth taking.


Always wear a strong SPF when going outside. Try to get a face cream that has SPF built into it for easy daily application. Stick to your daily skincare routine and don’t be tempted by a tan as a solution to acne scars. It will cause more problems than it will solve.

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