Acne and Makeup – Keep Your Skin Clear

If you are currently suffering from acne problems, it is advisable to stop wearing makeup. Although it is a good way of covering up spots and redness, it can cause more damage than good. Foundations – for example – are well known for blocking the pores of the skin, and they also contain some substances that can cause infection; such as colorants and other chemicals. 

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How to Live Without Makeup

You would definitely need to try and limit the use of makeup when suffering from acne. Now, if the spots annoy you a lot, you can use some anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic products that cause limited damage, but only if this is necessary and not longer than needed. There are some concealers designed for people suffering from acne, and if you do otherwise have a good complexion, use only these to cover up the spots. However, as soon as you get home, get ready for clearing your skin and stay without makeup until the morning. 

How to Fully Remove Makeup Residues from Acne Skin

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Small particles can cause an infection for your acne skin, therefore, you will need to ensure that everything is removed. Using a deep-cleansing lotion or an antibacterial facial wipe would help. Do not use cotton buds, as they can stick into the acne pores, causing more infections. Make sure that you wash your face with clean water and avoid applying moisturizing agents until the pores are fully closed. 

Alternatives to Using Makeup

If you can afford, you can stay outdoors as much as you can. This would give you a darker facial skin tone and get more oxygen into your pores. Avoid highly polluted areas of town, as smug is the worst enemy of pores and acne. The more fresh air you get the less visible your acne problem will be. You might also want to change your hairstyle in order to cover up the most problematic areas. Make sure that you wash your hair regularly and do not use a conditioner that can irritate your skin.

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