7 Face Cleansing Routines You Are Probably Doing Wrong

If your current skincare and face cleansing routine is not working, you will have to take a step back and find out the reasons. There are confusing posts about how you’re supposed to cleanse your pores and look after your skin, and too much can be just as bad as too little when it comes to cosmetics. Below you’ll find a list of face cleansing routines you are probably doing wrong.

1. Forgetting about Steaming

You can’t get deep enough into the skin’s pores if you don’t use steam and don’t let them cleanse themselves. If you can visit your local Spa for a steaming session or get to the sauna every month, you are not only making your skin more flexible, but also help it flush out all the bacteria trapped in the pores.

2. Using Heavy Products

While the adds on the TV and magazines might tell you that you need various oils to keep your skin healthy, less is more. You don’t want to weight your skin down, as this will cause premature aging. At the same time, oil can block your pores, and you will face with white heads of black heads more often.

3. SPF Protection

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If your current day cream doesn’t have an SPF protection, you will need to make sure that you chance it. While it is important that you are moisturising your skin, and Vitamin D can help your skin heal itself, too much sun can damage your cells and reduce their ability to deal with acne.

4. Not Doing a Skin Test

No matter how many online bloggers swear for the natural product, you don’t know how your skin will react to it. Always do a skin test so you can avoid rashes and irritation. Some people can get bad reaction to coconut oil, or suffer from dry skin and irritation after using tea tree oil. It is better to do a test on the inside of your wrist, which is sensitive enough to show if there’s anything you should be worried about.

5. Closing Pores Before You Would Deep Cleanse Them

Some people will use the toner before they would properly cleanse their skin. This can do more harm than good. You will have to make sure that all makeup and pollution is removed from your face before you close the pores, or you end up trapping bacteria inside and cause acne problems.

6. Scrubbing Too Often

While scrubbing is important, especially if you have regular acne breakouts, you can actually overdo it. Make sure that you are using a natural product and are not scrubbing more than three times a week, but once or twice is enough most of the time. If you damage the surface of the skin, you are making it more vulnerable to infections and inflammation.

7. Eye Cream Application

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There’s a debate about how you should apply your eye cream. You should avoid rubbing the area under your eyes, and dab in the cream instead of spreading it and applying pressure. Likewise, when you are cleansing your face, avoid putting pressure on this sensitive area.

If you would like to tackle acne, it is important that you get your face cleansing routine right. Use these tips to improve the health of your pores and cleanse your face more effectively.


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