If you would like to find out the reasons for acne breakouts on your face, you need to know that these vary from one person to another. If you are under 25, it might be the case that your hormones are not balanced out yet, but there can be dermatological reasons for acne breakouts, as well. This would be determined by a professional, and you can treat acne according to the diagnosis. Some people might find that slight changes in lifestyle can be the reasons for acne breakouts.


How to Find Out the Reasons Acne Breakouts

You might need to visit a dermatologist, or get a free skin test online. However, if your androgen production in your body is lower or higher than the normal, you might expect acne problems to occur, as well. Diabetes can be one of the main reasons for acne breakouts, and you will need to be tested for these conditions before you can find out more about the cause of acne.


Top Reasons for Acne Breakouts

The top reasons for acne breakouts can be diabetes, unsuitable skincare routine, hormonal changes and Thyroid dysfunction.  You have to make sure that your body functions at an optimal rate, and you are getting enough fresh air and exercise. Your skin needs sweating, to maintain flexible pores, and today with many people sitting in air conditioned offices miss out on this.


Hormonal Reasons for Acne Breakouts

Changes in your hormone levels, when you start a new pill or injection, as well as your sexual life can trigger acne breakouts. One of the most neglected and common sense reasons for acne breakouts is imbalanced sexual life. So having a long term, happy relationship can indeed make you more beautiful, as well as more content. Worry can cause different changes in your hormone production, and stress is also one of the main reasons for adult acne breakouts.


Dietary Reasons for Acne Breakouts

Eating processed food and too much oily seeds can cause acne breakouts, just like chocolate and cocoa, for some people. However, you might find that the genetic reasons for acne breakouts are much stronger than the lifestyle ones. You can try and eat more fresh and raw food, to see if it helps, but if your skin is bound to get acne, you will need a professional and proven solution to prevent pimples from disappearing. There are different pills and creams to help you, but you have to know that they can treat your skin’s reaction and reduce inflammation, they cannot eliminate the reasons for acne breakouts.


Revitol for Acne Breakouts

If you would like to find the right products and substances for acne breakouts, you might find that many people suggest to use serums and pills. However, the only proven and documented treatment I know of is Revitol for acne breakouts, and there are many testimonials all over the Internet about the effectiveness of the treatment. You can see results in a matter of weeks, and Acnezine, one of the most popular products out there offers a free bottle today. The Acnezine skin management system is also an FDA registered company.




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