The Most Effective Summer Skincare Tips That Will Leave You Looking Spotless! How Heat Causes Acne

You Are Probably Wondering ‘What Is Acne and ‘What Other Types of Spots Are There?’

They are infection, inflammation and caused by blockage of your skin’s glands. Bacteria is formed when dead skin and sebum are collected together causing inflammation, which leads to your acne problems. There a variety of factors why you are getting acne, such as:

Hygiene- wash your face and skin regularly and don’t use old makeup or brushes.
Stress levels and your lifestyle.
Hormones such as pre periods, pregnancy, menopause, etc. Hormonal imbalances like thyroid issues. The majority of people get acne on the face but can also on the back too. 15 per cent of people with acne get it on the chest.

Here are the 6 main types of spots that are caused by acne:

Blackheads- are small and black that forms on the skin, they are black because the internal lining of the hair follicle produces the colour.
Whiteheads- Although they have a similar appearance to blackheads, they may be more firm and not empty when squeezed.
Papules- small red bumps that may feel tender or sore.
Pustules- similar to papules, but have a white tip that is caused by a build-up of large hard lumps beneath the skin’s surface and can be painful at times
Cysts- most severe and are largely filled lumps with pus that seem similar to boils and carry a great risk of permanent scars.

‘Can Food Affect Acne?’ Yes Of Course!

Acne affects millions of teenagers and young adults worldwide. Some food habits such as sugar, fried substance, gluten and dairy, can cause inflammation. One way that is recommended, is to keep a food diary to figure out what affects your acne.

‘Why Does Summer Cause These Breakouts You Ask?’ Read On!

Heatwave- When it’s hot people sweat more and then the sweat sits on your face, mixes with all sticky grime, pollution and creates a place for pores to clog and acne-causing bacteria to grow there.
Touching your skin more- blotting with towels, sheets, wiping or fixing makeup with hands, oils and more causes more zits. This does not only introduce new bacteria but also irritates your skin barrier. Causes more breakout. The fix to this is to avoid touching and rubbing your face. Wash your face once or twice with a creamy, non-foaming cleanser.
Air conditioning– usually removes the moisture from the air which makes your face dry, which causes your skin to overproduce oil. This makes extra- oily skin. The heatwave is producing the sweat, while the humidity is mixing it all which sticks to your skin.

When breakouts happen, this causes people to dive into more heavy-duty, acid-filled products and loading on spot treatments etc. All these changes cause dry out and break out. Purging is away, which bring future zits to the surface all at once when using products like retinoids and acids.

is heat causing your acne?

These Home Remedies Will Be a Lifesaver for Your Acne!

Sunscreen- you need sun protection all year, sunshine helps your body make Vitamin D but also causes your skin to age, which is bad as you want to age naturally. Look for protection against UVA and UVB light. It’s best to get a facial and minerals based used one, which is less likely to block your pores. Also, don’t rely on moisturiser for sun protection.
Seeking shade- avoid the sun when it’s very hot during the day and wear a hat and sunglasses. Sunbathing can increase the risk of skin cancer and does not help heal acne.
Lighten moisturiser– use a lighter moisturiser to stop your skin from getting too oily and even dry skin can benefit. Don’t use harsh products that will remove natural oils from your skin and contain sulfates.
Exfoliating- Gently use to remove dead skin cells to prevent them from clogging your pores when you sweat.

If you feel like you have a medical problem that needs a more advanced solution, check out these skin care products.

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