Does Sulfur Soap Clear Acne?

If you would like to clear acne and make the most out of natural resouces and minerals, you might have read our review about African Black Soap and its antibacterial ingredients. Today, you will learn more about another soap you can use to get rid of acne spots: Sulphur Soap.

What Is Sulfur Soap?

The main ingredient of Sulfur soap is – of course – sulfur, and you will find that most of the products are yellow in color. It has been used for hundreds of years to treat acne, and it is great for removing unhealthy or dead skin cells. 

Sulfur is also called “brimestone”, and it has an unpleasant smell. This is the main reason why people would generally use a soap instead of the chemical itself to treat acne. 

What Are the Main Ingredients of Sulfur Soap?

There are different types of sulfuric chemicals used to make sulfur soap for acne, such as: sulfate, sulfuric acids, and sulfur dioxide. However, you will need to ensure that the chemica compound is safe, as the same ingredients can be found in fertilizers and even volcanoes, and they are responsible for acid rain. When sulfur is mixed with water, sulfuric acid might form. 

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Sulphur Soap for Acne?

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While there were no chemical studies large enough to prove that sulfur soap works for acne, it has some great ingredients that are capable of reducing inflammation and getting rid of the bacteria that causes acne. 

Sulfur is also a drying agent, so it works really well on oily skin that is prone to black heads and white heads. 

Acne Treatment with Sulfur Soap

It is recommended that you test the sulfur soap before you use it to treat acne. You should use a small patch test on your arm before you apply it on your face. If you notice any irritation or rash, you will need to avoid this product in the future, as you might be allergic to some of the ingredients. 

If your patch test is a success, get into the routine to clear your face with the sulfur soap every morning and before you go to bed, to get rid of the excess oil and the bacteria and fight acne. 

How Long Should You Use Sulfur Soap to Clear Acne?

As with most products designed for acne prone skin, you cannot expect miracles in the first few days, Stick with the routine for a week, and see if it has made a difference. If you have acne scars, monitor them to see if sulfur soap made a difference. 

As with every new treatment, it is important that you use them as a part of your health and beauty skin routine, and you don’t get rid of what is already working up to a certain level. You can combine sulfur soap with your Acnezine program and see if you can enhance your results. 

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