When you suffer from white heads of black heads, the first sign of the acne will be small bumps on your skin. This is a result of an infection and inflammation within the skin, which can easily be treated with natural remedies. Still, you will have to find out what the cause of your white heads and acne bumps is before you are able to find the right treatment method and see results. Find out more about remedies for acne bumps below.


What are Acne Bumps

You might want to know what causes acne bumps before you would find the ideal treatment for them. These small infections of the skin are caused by bacteria inside the pores. If your pores are not able to flush out the infection you will get acne problems and pimples; most likely white heads. This type of zit is caused because your skin is fighting to get rid of the infection and the white stuff appears on the surface. However, you should not try to pop the pimple immediately, or you will have some long term problems and further infection.


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white heads acne bumps

If you want to find natural remedies for acne bumps, the best option is to keep the surface of the skin clean. In case you have cystic zits, it is recommended that you will deep-clean your skin using a steamer or natural scrubs that get deep inside the pores. All of these treatments need to be hygienic so you are not causing any further inflammation and infection, causing acne scars.


Remedies for Acne Bumps

Some essential oils have been used for zits and pimples for hundreds of years. The two most effective natural oils are Tea Tree Oil and Mint Oil. You can apply both of them directly on acne bumps and see the redness go away in just a few hours. It is recommended that you apply these remedies alongside with a honey mask that has an antibacterial effect on the skin and can treat both acne bumps and scars. Reducing the inflammation and helping your skin get rid of acne bumps is the first step of the process if you would like a healthy looking skin and no pimples.


Diet and Acne Bumps

It is also true that dietary changes can help reduce acne spots and white heads in a natural way. You should avoid carbs, high sugar content food and switch to the most organic and unprocessed form of meals. Fresh fruit and vegetables will help your body balance the metabolic rate and support the immune system responsible for getting rid of infections and bacteria. If you get the right vitamins like Vitamin A D and C in the skin, you can expect great results. Acnezine is a Revitol for Acne product suitable for white heads and black heads. It consists of a complex range of products and has been used by millions of acne-sufferers around the world.

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Acne treatment tips

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